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science crossword #2

Teacher: Mrs.Iman
Happens because of the tilt of the earth.
When rain, sleet, hail fall.
Animals that only eat meat.
Process of which plants go through to make food.
An organisms job or role in the ecosystem.
Occurs when objects rub against each other.
They tell us what life was like before.
Animals that eat both plants & animals.
Objects that cannot be seen through easily.
Solid to liquid.
What part of the plant is considered the "food factory "?
When you can't see through an object.
Process of which an insect goes through.
Light that is taken in by objects.
Something that cannot be made again in your lifetime.
Things that eat only eat dead things.
Explosions that happen on the earths surface.
The usual weather of an area.
What cannot be made or destroyed?
The ____ is the hottest part of the sun.