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Freshwater Vocab

A man-made structure that is dug into the Earth to collect water.
When water is above Earth's surface.
Where there water can be found.
A change of state from gas to liquid.
Any water that falls to Earth from clouds.
The amount of pours a material has.
Where there is no water.
A point at which water flows from an aquifer to Earth's surface.
A well that that has water bursting from it is called an ... well.
Water that has soaked beneath Earth's surface.
The process where groundwater becomes surface water.
When the sun heats water until it turns to water vapor.
The top of the saturated zone.
The process where surface water becomes groundwater.
The quality of how easily water can travel through a material.
An area of land that captures rainfall and drains it to a larger collection like a lake.
Release of water vapor into the air by plants.
This is a body of permeable or impermeable layers of material that hold groundwater.
When water can't easily travel through an object its called...
A supply or source of water.