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The Civil War Crossword

Teacher: Fran Jacketti
Their uniforms were blue
Marched place to place and carried their own weapons
Side that had the most number of soldiers
Where most of the immigrants came from
The soldier that was born in Evansville, Indiana
The amount the Union and Confederate soldiers were paid a month
Carried no weapons and needed special training
The army who lacked food clothing and had diseases going around
The hour soldiers awoke every day
Captain in the Quartermaster Service
One of the main foods which the soldiers had to survive on
Their uniforms were red
Typical beverage soldiers drank
The side who had the greatest advantage to win the war
What the soldiers practiced every morning
Leader of the confederate army
The side who won the civil war
The side that had more railroads
Eyes and ears of the army
Description of the soldiers day
The union president
The name of the war were the most soldiers were killed
What the soldiers would eat after being woke up in the morning
The youngest age of solider who served in combat
A weapon the soldiers used for war