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Eve's last day,.....maybe

Ernie's horoscope
Take the money and _____.
Type of legal document required of Bayern
Saturn ____, Ernie's true-love
Number of dealers that worked on Bank of America
Number of glass facets in EFG wall at HBO
Lauren's feline
Tree commonly used in street name
Walls project that put Sobo over the edge (3 words)
Type of wall geometry common at BCG
Part of fresh herbs that Mary dislikes intensely
Francisco's favorite form: _____Labor Approval
Place of Josh's first walls site visit (last name)
See 12 down
First name of Deora's beloved 31 year old Scot, who is having a tough time
Retired Haworth wall product, or another term for a leave of absence
Amount of chocolate Deora can eat in one sitting
Major ____, by songwriter whose actual last name is 3 down, but changed it in order not to be confused with band member from 23 down.
Former driver of Rosalie (watch your spelling!)
Retired name for an RFT
Country visited by Howard last summer
Walls project that put Yen over the edge
Last ______Zalewski
See 3 down