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Vocabulario Liturgico

Place reserved for religious worship, usually with altar, in a hospital, palace, jail, etc.
Tall cane, usually made of wood or metal, and with the upper end curved.
White cloth worn by the Catholic priest dressed for mass on the shoulders and with whose ends he covers his hands to hold the custody or the ciborium.
It is supported by varals used in processions to shelter the priest who carries the Blessed Sacrament, relics or images.
It is use to temporarily or permanently expose the Blessed Sacrament.
usually made of silk, formed by six pieces or segments sewn together, using prelates of the Catholic Church, such as bishops, cardinals and the Pope, to cover the crown.
it is the outer garment that the priest uses for the celebration of the Mass in the liturgy.
High cap made up of two pieces finished in point, one front and one back, which is part of the ceremonial dress of a bishop or Pope.
Pontifical insignia worn by the Pope and the archbishops formed by a white wool band with six black crosses that surrounds the shoulders and that has two appendages that fall one on the back and another on the chest.
Small plate of gold or other metal in which the host is placed during the mass.
Container, usually in the shape of a cup, that the Catholic priest uses to consecrate the wine in the mass.
Vestment in form of a tunic reaching to the knee with wide or moderately wide sleeves.
Glow or luminous circle that is represented above or behind the heads of religious images.
Container used to store the chrism.
Long layer of brocade generally held with a brooch on the chest used by priests in ceremonial acts.
Sacred ornament that is part of the vestment of the Catholic priest and consists of a silk band about two meters long and seven centimeters wide.