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biology 15.1 Intro. To The Plant Kingdom

one of two female reproductive organs that produces eggs and secretes estrogen
structure consisting of scales that bear naked seeds in the type of seed plants called gymnosperms
early growth and development of a plant embryo in a seed
hair-like structure in a nonvascular plant that absorbs water and minerals and anchors the plant to a surface
change back and forth from one generation to the next between haploid gametophyte and diploid sporophyte stages in the life cycle of plants
type of tissue in plants that transports fluids through the plant
tough, hydrophobic carbohydrate molecule that stiffens and waterproofs vascular tissues of plants
type of seed plant that produces bare seeds in cones
asexual reproduction in plants using nonreproductive tissues such as leaves, stems, or roots
haploid generation in the life cycle of a plant that results from asexual reproduction with spores and that produces gametes for sexual reproduction
structure in many flowering plants that develops from the ovary and contains seeds
multicellular eukaryote with chloroplasts, cell walls made of cellulose, and specialized reproductive organs
structure in angiosperms consisting of male and female reproductive structures that attracts animal pollinators
diploid generation in the life cycle of a plant that results from sexual reproduction with gametes and that produces spores for asexual reproduction
type of seed plant that produces seeds in the ovary of a flower
plant that is growing where people do not want it
structure produced by a seed plant that contains an embryo and food supply enclosed within a tough coat