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Cell Maturation

cell injury causing swelling and lysing, releasing cytoplasmic contents that stimulate an inflammatory response
These live for approx. 9-11 days
When the patient is sick, they begin to put out younger cells into circulation
Largest cell in peripheral blood
movement of substances against an electrochemical gradient
Causes maturation of the megakaryocyte to produce platelets
simple diffusion through cell pores (gasses, glucose)
This cell is elevated in parasitic infections
biologic response mediators released by macrophages and B and T lymphocytes
The traveling through capillary walls to tissue sites
is a thermostable nondialyzable glycoprotein hormone which stimulates the formation of CFU-E and controls the production of erythrocytes
sequential natural process characterized by the degradation of chromatin into large fragments
Platelet maturation
cased by an excessive amounts of erythropoietin- excess RBC production
the process by which cells engulf and disable particles
This lives for about 120 days
Another word for platelet
The most immature cell in the granulocyte line
the term used that includes all stages of erythrocytes in all areas of the body and in all stages of development