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3rd Grade Study Guide-Movement

Teacher: Coach Mata
The more you practice the better you perform.
Bend your knees to absorb the force when you land.
Side tot he target, arm back in an L-shape, step with opposite foot and follow through.
When dribbling against defernders use fakes (stopping and starting, changing speeds and directions), look up as much as possible to see where the defenders are, keep your body between your opponent and the ball.
Is the team that does not have the ball and is trying to keep the other team from scoring.
Walk, run, gallop, slide, hop, skip, and leap.
Watch the ball, reach for the ball, move to the ball, and pull the ball into your chest. When catching with a partner keep your eyes on the ball at all times, if the ball is not thrown right at you move quickly to catch it.
Is the team that has the ball and is trying to score points.