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French Culture

What is the most used method of transportation?
What do women legally not change after they get married?
Until what age is school mandatory?
What word in English has 2 translations which determine formality and courtesy in French?
What distance (measured by body part) between two individuals is an appropriate amount of personal space?
The French have a deep appreciation and respect for what?
Main religion in France?
Who is the head of the state?
How is society separated?
Parents focus on what starting at a young age for children?
How many regions does France have?
What government system does France use?
What is the most important part of the country motto to the French?
What day in France is the national french day (14 Julliet)?
The little prince is a highly valued _____ in their culture?
First thing to do when greeting anyone in France?
39% of French people speak what language?
Which French republic are they on?
Kissing on both cheeks is reserved for?
Direct eye contact is a form of?
What is the national sport?
What is the capital of France?
Name of the French national anthem (in french)?
French style can be described as?
The prime minister is the head of the?
How can the health care system be described?
What is the exam students must take to go to university (in french)?
The French can typically be described as what in social situations?
How many major political parties are there?
The standard in French culture is to spend 35 hours doing what?
At age 18, the French can get a?
What is the typical main meal in France?
61% of _____ are in the workforce?
How many courses typically occur during lunch and dinner?