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Mass Music Crossword

(3 words) Last thing we say or sing before the invitation to communion.
A common type of music used in church
Also known as the Holy, Holy
Also called the opening hymn. Music usually has a strong steady beat and is not too slow
The Gospel ___________ is right before the Gospel is read.
One of the most common instruments played in church. Many years ago, this would be the loudest sound people ever heard in their lives.
Also called the presentation of the gifts. Choose music that's a little peaceful.
A language used in some church music and prayers: Sanctus and Gloria are examples.
Also called the closing hymn. Music usually has a strong beat and is not too slow
Also called Glory to God. One of the first prayers we sing.
Usually the music at this time is slow and smooth
The Responsorial _____ takes place after the first reading
We don't sing this word during masses in Lent
The person who leads the music, announces the songs, and sings the Gospel Acclamation
To choose music, first read the ________ for the day to see if you can find a theme.