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vocab science project

The preserved remains or traces of an organism of living things
Any difference between organisms of the same species
The formation of new species as a result of evolution
The history of life in the geologic past as indicated by the traces or remains of living things
While travling on the HMS begle, darwin studied finches on the island
Similar structures that related species have inherited from a common ancestor
A process by which indivials that are better adapted to their enviroment
Ecological relationship in which two or more organism depend on the same limted resource
Any change in species over time
The dissapearance of all members of species from earth
British naturalist who formulated the theory of evolution by natural selection
A group of organism that are closely related and can mate to produce fertle offspirg
Behavior or physical charateristic that allows an organism to survive and reproduce in its enviroment
The standard method used to dividedthe earth long natural history into managable parts
The human practice of breeding animals or plants that have certain desired traits
When particles of sand or soil depositied horizontal where major of fossils are found
All individuals of a species that live in a are at the same time .
Any change in the DNA of an organism
Different charateristic between members of the same species