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Spelling 4.4 - Verbs ending in -ing

What will we __ after school?
to make less in amount or size.
The tree is _______ lots of delicious fruit to eat.
If we want our plants to grow we need to make sure we are ________them enough.
a strong and powerful effect.
The 4th grade is _______an amazing garden.
to pass by after catching up with.
to dive or jump.
Is that ____backpack?
to make different in some way; change.
The hill is______becuase of all the rain.
They are always_________about whether football or basketball is a better sport
Once our vegetable grow we will be busy_______them.
The students spent most of the party________ with each other.
Sometimes a cut will leave behind______.
Anna, ______ such a good friend!
The star was______ up in the sky at night
You don't need to bring a lunch, the school is _______everything you will need.
When is the assignment ____?
The grass in the morning was wet with___