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The Piano Architecture: Zooming In

Piano Performer Magazine
Winter Issue 2018-2019
Vol. XII
Name of a French firm that manufactured pianos used by Chopin (OBM).
Type of stringing that uses extra, un-struck strings in the piano for the purpose of enriching the tone.
The first firm to make pianos with a range of more than five octaves.
Last name of the inventor of the transposing piano.
A type of wood used by Bosendorfer for the inner rim.
An instrument to guide the hands and fingers of pupils in playing on the piano, invented by Johann Bernhard Logier.
A famous composer who first criticized pianoforte, but later was involved in helping sell them as Silbermann's agent.
An Italian expert harpsichord maker who created the first piano.
Middle pedal of a grand piano.
Another name for the frame of a piano usually made out of cast iron.
Number of octaves in the Mozart age pianos.
Name of the French firm that manufactured pianos used by Liszt (OBM).
Original color of accidental keys
Last name of the developer of the bent plywood system intended to reduce manufacturing costs.
A type of wood used in cheap pianost.
The material frequently used for the outer rim of grand pianos.
A predecessor of pianoforti that doesn't allow variation in volume.
A type of wood the original pianoforte was made out of.
A French inventor who introduced the sostenuto pedal, which was later copied by Steinway Company.
The inventor of the forerunner of the modern sustain pedal.
The Italian writer, whose article paved the way to popularity of pianoforte.
One of the two main types of piano.