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Spanish Verbs A-C

To fix
To cook
To drink
Opposite of to end
To rent
What you do at the mall
To converse
To fall down
To assist
To help
To collect
Opposite of to hate
What you do when you are tired
To sing
Slower than a run
To finish/end
Faster than a walk
To share
To create
What you do in the ocean with a mask
To lunch
To talk
What you do at a party
To cut
To hug
To kiss
What you do when something good happens
What teachers do to papers you hand in
Opposite of to open
You go to school to ____
To look for
To shave
When asked a question you must do this
To understand
Opposite of to turn on
To cut
To know (people)
To go down
Another form of cleaning yourself other than to shower
To eat
Opposite of to close
To believe