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Spanish Verbs D-J

To send
To talk
To decide
To be
In English class you have to do this a lot
Before a test you must do this
To say
Not to love, but to strongly like
To enjoy
Opposite of to say hello
You do this in the winter on snow slopes
To find
To choose
To begin
To rest
To escape
To put away
To give
To last
To say something loudly
At night you do this
Opposite of to exit
To earn/win
To hide
To bend
To explain
To return something
To wish
At a crime scene, detectives have to _____ to find out what happened
You have to _____ people to a party
You have to ____ when the teacher is talking
To go
To wait
To understand
To describe
To do
Teachers are paid to _____
What you do in art class
To record
To play