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Visual Art

A way to shade in a drawing with lines
A Female Canadian artist famous for native based art
A sheet of material with an cutout to be painted or drawn through
A popular animated shorts online by British artists
A thin sheet of materiel to write and draw on
A Notebook Brand that comes in plain, grid and lined
The last name to a Cuban artist known for The Jungle; 1923. Museum of Modern Art New York
Another way to define displaying something at an event
A tool for spray painting with compressed air
A short term for a short employment popular in the artists and office jobs
The art movement after Baroque which is known for being very theatrical and soft pastels
A term to putting down thoughts and ideas
The last of one of the founders and creator of Marvel
A self supporting stand to support an piece of art or work
A term used in the digital art world for a group of shades used in a illustration or design
A sample of a product to see the colour and pigment
A German Born Canadian artist 1911-1978
Writing or/and drawings on public places
Ornate and an art movement of the fist big movement contrast and bold use of colour usage.
A fluid used in calligraphy and drawing mostly line based art
The last name of one of the first superhero comic book artists
To make inanimate objects and pictures move in a video
A main concept behind a character type in comics and manga
A Canadian Artist who does Contemporary art and the piece Waskesiu Lake
A world famous re inventor of the concept of art with artworks such as Campbell Soup
A male artist from 1469-1525 one of his paintings Madonna and Child; 1515
An expert or very skilled person in a field
A well used program in the digital art world from photography, to graphic design to creating comics