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Common Minerals & Rocks

Soft, occurs in 'books', splits into thin sheets. can be silvery-white or black.
A hard metamorphic rock made of solid quartz, light to dark gray or pink.
Dark-coloured igneous rock, may be full of vesicles.
Volcanic rock rich in silica, fine-grained, can be light gray, white, tan, pink.
Very fine-grained sedimentary rock, feels smooth and breaks into thin layers. May contain preserved leaf, insect or fish fossils.
Jet-black, elongated crystals, no cleavage. found in granite and especially in pegmatite.
A dark green to black metamorphic rock containing hornblende. was basalt lava before being metamorphosed.
Sedimentary rock, made of calcite, usually gray, fizzes in acid or vinegar.
A hard, pistaschio-green mineral, often seen as thin veins in granite.
Sedimentary rock, made of sand grains and feels like sandpaper. can be red, brown, yellow, white or gray. may contain fossils.
A very coarse-grained type of granite, with large crystals or quartz, feldspar, mica, and sometimes beryl, topaz or tourmaline.
Gray, white, milky or smoky, hardness 7. No cleavage, very common in most types of rocks.
A metamorphic rock containing a lot of mica or other flaky minerals, usually sparkly and breaks easily into thin pieces.
A common metamorphic rock, different colour bands or layers, sometimes folded, but solid, not flaky.
Pink to white, ceramic-like, has good cleavage, hardness 6.
Red to dark brown, forms 12-sided or 24-sided crystals. occurs in both igneous and metamorphic rocks.
A black, iron-containing silicate mineral in the amphibole family. fibrous to splintery cleavage.
A light-coloured, coarse-grained igneous rock made of quartz, feldspar and mica.
Black, heavy, rounded crystals or grains in sand, attracted to a magnet.
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