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Semester 2 Reading Workshop Vocab. 5-8

Teacher: Steve Lucas
To move back or away from; to become fainter or more distant
Stylish in appearance; showing a carefree attitude
Having no specific pattern or purpose
Offensively bold or rude; not relevant
Not noticeable
Unnaturally pale, as if from illness; Suggestive of weakness or unhappiness
Eating or eager to eat great amounts of food; insatiable appetite for an activity or an occupation
Arriving at a conclusion by reason; Something concluded by evidence
To waiver; to be unable to decide between one opinion or another
A mark made against one's record for a fault or mistake
To act together in refusing to use, buy from, or deal with, as an expression of protest
Straying form the proper course or standards
An examination of one's own thoughts and feelings.
A musical performance of great excellence, technique, or ability; a person with great skill
To provoke and urge on; to put into motion
A band of colors; A broad range of qualities or ideas
To emphasize or intensify; to pronounce with a stress or accent
Very unhappy or unfortunate; a hateful person
He earned his reputation as a ______________early in life. He rarely participated in the popular activities
Noisy and disorderly activity; a disturbance; an emotional or mental agitation