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Law Chapter #1 puzzle

Those laws related to specific villages are known as ____ laws.
The code of ____ is one of the earliest forms of law known to man.
At times the police are accused of using ___ force when arresting people.
The process through which the court arrives at a decision is referred to as an?
A ____ is a legal principle that ensures that previous legal decisions will be taken into account.
____ decisis is a legal term meaning that the court will stand by things decided previously.
It is the job of the court to ___ disputes that arise between people.
It is the job of the court to ____ people's liberties and freedoms.
The ____ Tables were one of the first secular written legal codes.
According to the constitution it is the job of the government to protect each persons ___, liberty and pursuit of happiness.
____ federalism is a court system wherein some of the lines between the federal and state power is blurred.
It is also a job of the court to ___ social norms in society.
The American legal system with both Federal and State courts is known as ____ federalism.
A ___ is a tribunal presided over by a judge, judges, or a magistrate in civil and criminal cases.
Laws originating from usage and custom rather than from written statutes came to be known as ___ law.