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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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Power Prefix Dis-


Date:                                              Period:
Free someone from a wrong belief.
This teen ends up on restriction.
It's painful to do this to your shoulder.
Your face shows this when the server gets your order wrong.
If you are late, please enter ______.
How rude!
10 years in prison for littering.
When you walk your dog, be sure to pick up the ____.
No, it can't be true!
They try to impress, but don't.
Ugh, I ____ beets.
There's no Santa Clause or Easter Bunny! What can I believe in?
Loud crying.
Connect the ______
Called "DQ" for short.
Impossible to do this to a football fan on the couch on Sunday.
The math teacher ____ed the use calculators on the test.
What Moms feel about coming home late.
Deceptive or fraudulent.
A political one might be arrested for their beliefs.