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6th Grade EXP. 6 Voc 1 & 3

Teacher: Ms. Angenette Garza
The sixth-grade students plan to ______ a spirit team.
Money from the bake sale will ______ people in need.
It is ______ to drive 100 miles an hour.
Can I _____ you to share a banana split.
Since humans are _______ animals, they tend to live in communities.
Eating only pickles and cheese is an ______diet.
Marc is trying to invent a _______that makes instant ice cubes.
I feel _____because I know my big brother will protect me.
We _______adopted a cat.
Lena reports that skydiving is ______
Can I ______you to share a banana split with me?
Please ______ the steps slowly and carefully.
The fishing _____ we'll use on our trip will fit into the back of the truck.