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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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Y'all (formal) read the same book for English class.
You (informal) draw lots of pictures in art class.
They call their friends when they are bored.
I fear the Walking Dead.
You (informal) practice sports.
We attend 4 classes per day.
You (informal) watch too much TV.
We sell candy.
We always share food during lunchtime.
I don't understand the lesson.
Y'all (informal) learn a lot at school.
She opens the door.
You (formal) divide the class into two groups.
You (formal) write the homework on the board.
I always do my homework.
Y'all (informal) go out to the movies.
Y'all (inf) eat so much!
We speak Spanish.
I drink 8 glasses of water each day.
She swims in the pool at the Y.
I dance well.
You (informal) hide in your room when company visits.
Y'all (informal) break
We work on the weekends.
They run sprints during track practice.
The kids have breakfast every morning.
Mom allows one more hour of TV.
I skate every day.
They study in the library on Thursdays.
I ride my bike to school.
They play in the band.
The students cover their papers to discourage cheating.
We walk on the treadmill for exercise.
She prohibits phones in class.
She receives her paycheck every other week.