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The major force that drives social change.
Involves monitoring movements, conversations, & associations with the intent of catching people in the act of doing something wrong.
A group that consists of two people.
A state in which the forces that regulate social ties are disrupted by dramatic changes in circumstances.
Feelings that we experience as we relate to other people.
Where individuals let their guard down & do things that would be inappropriate/unexpected.
The owners of the means of production.
A state in which the ties integrating the individual to others in society are weak.
Things that all cultures have in common.
What is most likely to occur when group members are from similar backgrounds, & don't seek outside opinions.
The interaction experiences that make up every person's life.
Individuals who must sell their labor to the bourgeoisie.
The official, by-the-book way an organization should operate.
It shapes every aspect of life & dominates social interactions.
Human control over nature increased with mechanization & the growth of bureaucracies.
Deliberate simplification or caricature that exaggerates essential traits.
A three-person group.
Any behavior or physical appearance that is socially challenged or condemned.
Expressions of disapproval.
A state in which the ties integrating the individual to others in society are weak.
Any kind of object to which people assign a name, meaning, or value.
The vehicle that propelled society from one historical epoch to another.
A voluntary, spontaneous activity with few or no formal rules.
The systematic & scientific study of society.
Subcultures that challenge, contradict, or outright reject the mainstream culture that surrounds them.
Captures all the statuses any one person assumes.
The belief that men and women are different by divine design, & that inequalities between them are natural.
The expectation that a service or product will be the same no matter where in the world or when it is purchased.
Written and unwritten expectations for behavior, thought, & appearance.
The usual ways of thinking & doing things.
Structured, organized activities that involve more than one person.