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Piano In Film: Trivia Crossword

Piano Performer Magazine
Winter Issue, 2018-2019
Vol. XII
A film directed by Jerzy Antczak, portraying a life of a famous Polish composer.
Last name of the lead actor in LaLa Land, a jazz pianist who has a dream to revive jazz as an art form.
A title of the film where Humphrey Bogart's character says, "Play it, Sam! Play "As The Time Goes By."
Last name of the leading actor in the film "The Competition," where the two piano players enter the same major competition and fall in love with each other.
Last name of the starring actor in the movie "The Pianist."
Last name of the pianist, Holocaust survivor, based on whose story a documentary titled "The Lady in Number 6" was made.
A film about A Polish Jewish musician who struggles to survive the destruction of the Warsaw ghetto of World War II.
Last name of the character in the film Florence Foster Jenkins who played the piano accompanist.
Last name of the creator of the "walking piano," who created a custom-made 16-ft long piano to be used in the movie "BIG."
Last name of the German composer, played by British actor Gary Oldman, in the film Immortal Beloved.