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AP Psychology Crossword Review

Teacher: Willems
The last name of the psychologist who theorized "Linguistic Determinism."
Hubel and Wiesel demonstrated that specialized neurons in the occipital lobe
Common symptoms of Schizophrenia include excessive or distorted functioning (i.e., delusions, hallucinations, "word salad").
Associated with Parkinson's Disease (too little) and Schizophrenia (too much).
Term for the electrical-chemical firing of a neuron.
When the CR occurs in response to may similar CS.
Robert is aware that smoking is dangerous but continues to smoke. He experiences tension so he changes his thoughts to match his behavior to relieve the tension.
This term, from -1.00 to +1.00, shows the strength of the relationship between two variables.
Style of therapy or treatment that challenges a patient's irrational thinking.
Term used for the reluctance of people to help if the group size is large.
Refers to the reduction of self-awareness and personal responsibility that can occur when a person is part of a group whose members feel anonymous.
The only sense that does not pass through the thalamus.
Decreasing responsiveness to a constant stimuli (i.e., socks or a watch)
Technique of strengthening behavior by reinforcing successive approximations of a behavior until the entire correct routine is displayed; used by coaches and animal trainers.
The most commonly abused depressant.
Located at the back of the eye, it is also a part of the occipital lobe that contains photoreceptors.
In research, these include the requirement of informed consent, voluntary participation, debriefing, confidentiality must be met according to the APA.
An acronym used to remember the Five-Factor Model of Personality.
Shows the 68-95-99 Rule!
The tendency to think of an object as functioning only in its usual or customary way.
Choosing the best move, while playing poker or any card game, requires this type of thinking.
The relative highness or lowness of a sound; includes the Frequency and Place Theory.
When an experimenter is testing the effectiveness of a new drug, he or she may use this.
Characterized by physical complaints that are either extremely distressing or prevent normal functioning; exaggerated health concerns.