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El arte español, part 1

Teacher: Gail Pack
King of Spain, didn't like El Greco's work
Velasquez tenia una gran dominion sobre ______
Jutting ___, physical trait of the Hapsburgs
Considered la obra maestra de El Greco
Another name for El Triunfo de Bacco by Velasquez
Son of Felipe IV who died at age 17
Velasquez painted Felipe IV and Baltazar Carlos in this manner
Italian city where Ribera spent most of his life
Painting of an UNUSUAL man and his wife and child by Ribera
El ___, famous painting by Velasquez copied by others
From Sevilla, became court painter for Felipe IV.
Artista que vivía y pintaba en Toledo
Called el españoletto because of his short stature
Real name of El Greco
Was from Extremadura, but painted mostly in Sevilla
Painting of a boy by Ribera
Reason why Hapsburg dynasty finally failed
King's pretty daughter by his second wife
Considered Velazquez's master work
Realistic still life painting by Zurburán
Known as 'the hexed', he was malformed and completely incapable of ruling
Dynasty in Spain that started with Philip of Austria and died out with Carlos II
Greek island where El Greco was from