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Moses and the Israelites

River that God turned red with blood
Jewish holiday that remembers the Israelites struggles
Number of Commandments
Ruler of Egypt
Moses became this when he was in Midian
Moses' sister
Moses' brother
Place where Ten Commandments were kept
Country where Israelites were slaves
Name of Pharaoh in the Ten Commandments movie
Book of the bible that tells the story of Moses
Pharaoh took this away from the Israelites
Bread from heaven
Israelites smeared this on top of doorways
Worship of false gods
Body of water that Moses and Israelites crossed
Book that contains all the readings at mass
What Moses was placed in on the Nile River
God sent ten of these to scare the Pharaoh
Moses was this when he was in Egypt
Jewish Passover meal
The name of the stone cutter in the Ten Commandments movie
Another name for a Jewish person who was an Israelite
Number of days the Israelites were in the desert
Example of a plague
This is the mountains on which Moses received the Ten Commandments
God sent this at night for food in the desert
Material used to make a statue for people to worship