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Ch. 4 The Psychological Person

A change in functioning or coping style
Those of which we are unaware.
A persons efforts to master the demands of stress.
The people with whom a person routinely interacts.
Coping by changing a stressful situation by avoiding it or changing the meaning of what is happening.
The essence of who one is that is more or less enduring
Unconscious or automated responses the enable a person to minimize perceived threats or keep them out of awareness.
Conscious/ preconscious thinking processes. The mental that we are aware of.
A persons ability to process information about emotions accurately
Coping that take into account actions that maximize the survival of others or oneself
Theory that proposes that the basics of human tendency is relationships with others.
A personality characteristic that changes over time depending on the social stress or context.
Mental activity that is out of consciousness but can be brought back into awareness with prompting
Emotions that are more variable among people and are socially acquired. (envy, jealousy, anxiety, relief, hope, depression, pride, love, gratitude, and compassion.)
They mobilize us, focus our attention, and signal o9ur state of mind to others.(anger fear sadness joy and anticipation)
Deals with #12. a more balanced perspective on the influences of cognition and emotion in social functioning.
Understanding how people come to possess different types of cognitive skills.
Coping efforts that attempt to change the persons stress situation by acting on the environment.
Internalized representation of the world or an ingrained and systematic pattern of thought.
The part of the personality responsible for negotiating between internal drives and the outside world.
A feeling state characterized by our appraisal of a stimulus.
A stable personality characteristic
Any factor that taxes or exceeds the adaptive resource of the individual.