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Economics U7 A Quiz

In business, manager who is a go-between in working with his employees and management.
A news broadcaster or reporter who adds analysis after reporting.
To make payment to; to financially award a person.
Printed certificates which offer the bearer financial advantages such as discounts or rebates.
Taking business money illegally for private use.
Risk-taking management; making the decisions that affect the future of the business.
Commercial transactions between a customer and a seller.
The dividing, sale, or liquidation of a corporation.
Legally binding written agreement between purchaser and seller.
Deciding a settlement on an issue.
Contesting one another; the act of businesses which are fighting for the consumer's dollars.
The act of being declared legally insolvent.
Banking service where a customer writes checks against the money he has available in his name.
The dropping or relaxing of restrictions and limits.
One who owes money, goods, or services to another.