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Earth Science Chapter 23

Teacher: Julie Nordin - Earth Science
Highest altitude, feathery clouds composed of ice crystals. (two words)
Formation of a large droplet by the combination of smaller droplets.
Prefix meaning precipitation free.
A solid particle in the atmosphere that provides the surface on which water vapor condenses.(two words)
Ratio of the amount of water vapor in the air to the amount of water vapor needed to reach saturation. (two words)
Temperature at which the rate of condensation is the same as the rate of evaporation. (two words)
The mass of water vapor in a unit of air relative to the mass of the dry air. (two words)
Fog that is common along coasts, where warm, moist air over the water moves over the land. (two words)
An instrument that measures precipitation by bouncing radio waves off rain or snow. (Two words)
Process by which ice changes directly into a water vapor.
A gray cloud with a flat uniform base. (Two words)
The actual amount of water vapor contained in a given volume of air (two words)
Cooling a substance below its freezing point, condensation point or sublimation point without a change in state.(two words)
Heat energy absorbed or released by matter when it changes phases.(two words)
When clouds form by a body of moist air combining with another body of moist air with a different temperature.