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Weather, Climate, Winds

Effect that's the curving path of a moving object from a straight path due to Earth's rotation
Front that is a of air masses that move very little or not at all
Latitudes of 30 -35 degrees and are calm and light
Georgia summers have this type of air mass
Why global winds appear to curve, because of Earth's _____.
An area of little or no wind near the equator
What you see outside on a particular day
Winds only happen in areas near bodies of water or mountains, caused by convection currents on a _________ scale
Winds caused by convection currents on a large scale
The heat is transferred through electromagnetic waves
Transfers heat through liquid and gases
Amount of salt in water
Front that brings cooler weather and strong winds
Boundary between two air masses
Weather over a long period of time like a month
The movement of air