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Spelling Grade 3 Lesson 10

Teacher: Gretchen Bagwell
The time between two halves of a game.
The stem of a corn plant.
The front part of a person's hand between the fingers and the wrist.
Open areas of land that do not have buildings or a lot of trees.
Past tense of GULP; to have swallowed quickly.
A person who climbs.
To have changed from a solid to a liquid.
A young sheep less than a year old.
A structure with walls and a roof.
A young cow, moose, elephant or whale.
Not anything.
A person who assists another person.
A book in the Old Testament of the Bible.
The person that is you.
An object that uses energy, motion, and force to do some kind of work.
Soft and smooth.
To have made something.
A small piece of baked food.
The earth.