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moon and ocean

The most featurs on the moons surface are hollowed out places
After the new moon a small lit sliver of the moon appears
Each compiete spin of the moon on its axis
Identifies how much of the naer side of the moon is lit by the sun as seen from earth
Each complete trip of the moon around the earth
Like a slightly flattened circle
The lit part of the moon begins shrinking
When one object passes into the shadow of another object it is a other event
Large flat land areas or plains on the surface of the moon
The path the moon takes around the earth
Between the first quarter and full moon the shape of the lit part
This narrow sliver of the moons circle shape
Any object that travels around another object in space
Some craters have light colored streaks
A measurement of the amount of matter an object has
A deep valley of trench that runs along the lunar surface