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spanish unit 9 cross word puzzle

Teacher: mrs.Arzola
It ________so were your raincoats
In the forest you see a lot of
People go to _ to also swim
We use this to get the sun out of our eyes
this shields from rain
Lumber jack were _shirts
The season has fourth of july in it
This season is very cold
We were this to the beach
Bears hunt for fish in a
You take _______when you go to a tourist attrition
The _ caused alot of damage
Colordo is in the rocky
A gardener has these in her garden
We use a umbrilla because of this
Zebras have white and black
People go swimming in blank rhymes with snake
Bears live in a
You give this to girl you like
These are big fluffy things in the air
We put this own when we go to the beach
this is a season between winter and summer
You go to college to get a
The season baseball starts is in
This happens during winter
Whats the big yellow thing in the air
We were this with a tee shirt during the summer
When you go outside and look up you see the
To make fire you need to have fuel a stater and
There use to be a pineapple who lived under the _ (sponge bob theme song)