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Crossword Word Search Worksheet

Callie's Valentine's Day Crossword

One who rips and dips
Adventure farming simulator
Neither of us likes doing one around the house
If Brendan has these, they are VERY hidden after years of Coca-Cola consumption
What Frodo will have, from Aragon
Usually comes in twos, for you only
Hogwarts' hottest rapper, 2018
Thanks to you, I press some every day
Virtually the best Christmas we ever had, abbr.?
Trevor's favorite, abbr.
Brendan is this to you, circa 2015
What Jacob and Josh are
Superior choice of best friend
One of the original Navigators?
Brendan's obsession since 2008, abbr.
They need more of this, near Dayton
First Christmas present from me
Type of friend you are, to JBB
Our FIRST group costume together
Gross brown substance?
What our small group sometimes sounds like
Frustrating hours and location, for us
What Hermione needs to sort out
Less important member of most important boy band
High levels of this noticed by Anger?
Brendan's favorite drop (RIP)
Callie's favorite one to catch, as a mug
Superior to lifting, obvi
Your mom, to Angela especially
Mistaken for a Fire Nation soldier
Your dad, to everyone but me
Brendan gets told this, frequently
The best real life example of 4 Down
Russian secret agent, probably.
"You're a ____!" "No, YOU'RE a ____!" Then, make out scene.
Vivian's sister, if magical?
A bovine sister?
Serves the hottest tea?
Region of the country where Beau's rich relatives live
There's a Sea full of them
OG director of Harry Potter, abbr.
Chicken in Moana, abbr.
What Frodo will have, from Legolas
Love is like this, for those set and ready?
What they would have called King David, in India. Probably. IDK this one is a stretch.
Ingredient to a cider that you really liked once
All students on campus, to Evan
Our second date.
Where ball becomes life
Jack Sparrow wonders where this has gone
Brendan's role, or a private Twitter convo
What you want to get, in Fortnite
It was thrown off by an old man
Brendan's drug
What Frodo will have, from Gimli
Character from 11 Across, very literal
Your all-time putt putt record against me (I think)
Primary defense, in Fortnite
Brendan claims never partaking in these
We stayed at the Hunter's Lodge
Main weapon I want in Fortnite, abbr.
What there still is, whispered
67 Across wants you to ask this person
67 across thinks you should ask him about things.
Sokka's name for a Book 3 villain, abbr.
Sarcasm intended, or best man
What Johnny would do, with Danny?
Uses echo location to see?
Aang gives it the yips?
Zuko's ultimate goal
Brendan claims his don't work well
What it's gonna be, from 2000?
The basic white girl of churches
Brendan just wrecked one.