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CFA Review Cell Cycle

Version of a gene (ex. shiny vs charcoal drake color)
Meiosis forms this many unique or different daughter cells
Number of times a cell divides in meiosis
____ pairs are non-identical copies of chromosomes
Chromosomal pairs 1-22
The shuffling of chromosomes to make random combinations of alleles for different traits
The process in which the cell duplicates its chromosomes to make 2 new daughter cells with the same number of chromosomes as the parent cell
All new daughter cells made through meiosis are ___ from their parents
Section of DNA that codes for a trait
Process that passes down genetic information to offspring
Sister ______ are replicated copies of DNA
Mitosis forms this many identical daughter cells
When parent alleles exchange or swap genes during prophase 1
If a cell is damaged and doesn't pass its checkpoints, it may do this
Number of times a cell divides in mitosis
Uncontrolled cell growth; cells that may continually divide to become tumors; sometimes release hormones to cause the body to provide them nutrients