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Grade 8 Ch 4, Sec 1 Living Earth

All the populations of all species living in an ecosystem
Name one part of the Earth included in the biosphere.
Any variation that makes an organism better suited to its environment
The living world is arranged in only one level. (true or false)
Study how populations interact
Includes the top portion of Earth's crust, all the waters that cover Earth's surface, and the atmosphere that surrounds Earth
Consists of all the organisms living in an area, as well as the nonliving parts of that environment
Form in warm, shallow ocean waters.
The biosphere is the portion of Earth that supports life. (true or false)
The place in which an organism lives
All organisms of the same species that live in an area at the same time
Earth's position from the Sun
The second planet from the Sun
The study of interactions that occur among organisms and their environments.
The fourth planet from the Sun