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Psychological Disorders

Teacher: jacklyn harrah
an irrational, persistent fear of an object, situation, or social activity
Patricia is a 44-year-old female who reports that she has periods of time where she cannot remember what she has done. She reports that after one such period, she received a telephone call from a man who claimed to have met her in a bar where she was “the life of the party.” She had also told the man her name was Priscilla. Patricia thinks that this is odd because she does not drink, and she is a rather shy and retiring person. However, the man had her correct telephone number and was able to give a good physical description of her.
Horace sleeps a lot, has great difficulty getting out of bed in the morning, and generally does not want to do anything. He has stopped seeing friends whom he used to see often, and declines all invitations to do things socially. His most common response is “I just don’t feel like it.” He looks sad all the time and does not seem to take pleasure in everyday activities. This has been going on for the past two months.
Miguel has a great job, is well educated, and has a loving family. Despite these positive aspects of his life, he experiences anxiety every day. When asked by his therapist the reason for his anxiety, he says, “I don’t know why. I don’t have any reason to feel anxious, yet I worry all the time.” The therapist describes Miguel as having ______ anxiety.
false sensory perceptions, such as hearing voices that do not really exist
A hospital patient was diagnosed as suffering from schizophrenia because she was having both delusions and hallucinations. What type of symptoms are these?
Individuals with schizophrenia have decreased levels of this neurotransmitter in their frontal love
Gigi, who has schizophrenia, believes that she was sent by God to one day rule the world. Her belief is an example of a(n) ________.
Sandy feels dirty unless she bathes and changes clothes at least four times a day, and she is fastidious about the house as well. Every room is scrubbed at least twice a week and the bathroom is taken care of daily.
Tony sometimes seems very “wound up.” At those times, he seems full of energy, talks very rapidly, and makes very grandiose plans. (One time, he gave away all of his belongings and was planning to move to Washington, D.C., so he could advise the President.) At these times, he also seems to need almost no sleep. During other periods of time Tony seems very “down.” During these times he does not take care of himself. He seems to want to sleep all the time, and he often makes thinly veiled references to wanting to commit suicide.
Marianne is a 34-year-old female showing signs of disorganized thought and flat affect. She says that she hears voices telling her to do things. She believes that her behavior is being controlled by other people and she thinks that all her former friends have formed a conspiracy and are out to get her. She also tends toward repetitive, highly ritualized behavior.
Although he was not personally injured, Harry has had problems since the earthquake two years ago. He is listless and quarrelsome and sleeps fitfully, reliving the quake in nightmarish dreams.
Darcy is sitting at her desk in her office one day when, without warning, her heart begins racing rapidly, she has a sensation of being “out of her body,” and she experiences dulled vision and hearing, rapid breathing, and sweating. She thinks she is having a heart attack. Nothing she is doing seems to have caused such an episode. Her symptoms MOST resemble _____ ______.
The psychodynamic model of abnormal behavior is based on the work of _____ And his followers.
Jenny has an intense interest in food but eats sparingly and with disgust. She often cooks elaborate meals for others although she won’t eat the meal herself, and even though she looks emaciated, she still claims she “feels fat” and refuses to eat enough to maintain even a minimal normal body weight for her frame. She is most likely suffering from __________.