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Faith Formation Grade 8

Soul Fire Words of the Cross
Before you do this you bless yourself
Holds the keys to the Kingdom
In this you can read about the Old and New Testament
A name for Jesus beginning with a "C"
... full of grace
This starts four Sundays before Christmas
Group of churches united together under one Bishop
A prayer that includes five decades of the "Hail Mary"
The Sacrament that gives you the Gifts of the Holy Spirit
Always willing to give your money or time to someone else
One of the three virtues Faith, _____, and Love
A long word for "Pennece"
The Father, Son and ...
Sacred worthy of God
His birthday is December 25th
The next level over a priest
There are seven of these in our faith starting with Baptism
A person who gives support to an organization, a ______ Saint
Resides in Heaven
A prayer we all say at Mass, _____ __ to the Father ...
Forgiveness towards shown towards someone from a person of authority
You should ____ your parents
Believing in something you cannot see
Lives in the Vatican
Another word for Holy Communion
Thanksgiving F____
When we talk with God
Giving up something, making a S____________
She is a nun who is now considered a Saint
Helps the priest serve Mass and with other religious things
What we are called by our religion
Blessings from God, Mary is full of this
The most important thing we can do for one another
When we read the Gospel or talk about our faith
Jesus' mom
People who have died and now are in heaven
Another word for love
The twelve men Jesus gathered with him
The birthday of Jesus
The Holiday when Jesus is resurrected
Jesus asks us to ______ him
He serves Mass