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earth science 13

Ice formations studied by geologists
This forms in the lithosphere
The _____ of the earth keeps the right amount of atmosphere for life
Area of mantle below the lithosphere
Middle layer of the earth
____ waves are used to study earth's structure
Boundary between the crust and the mantle
About 4-5% of the earth's core is ____
We know plants did not make the original ____ in the atmosphere
Most of the earth's core is __
The ___ of the earth is 3 billion trillion metric tons
Scientist who studies the solid earth
Compared to the rest of earth, the crust has ___ density
Outermost layer of the earth
Upper mantle and crust
____ before freezing is a property of water
The atmosphere protects us from ______
71% of the earth is covered by ___
This project discovered that there are cracks deep in the mantle
Innermost portion of the earth