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Vocabulary Unit 14-7th grade

Teacher: Mrs. S
An act intended to trick or deceive, a fraud
To grow in length, become longer
A swindler, deceiver; one who uses a false name or character in order to cheat
Just, unbiased, fair, not taking sides
Found in most parts of the world; having many fields of interest
To defeat in a battle or contest, overthrow
To send on, pass along, send out
Nourishing, valuable and satisfying as food
To fill with air or gas; to swell or puff out
Poor, scant, unsatisfactory
Flashy, showy; not in good taste
To think about deeply and quietly, reflect upon
Related by blood; having similar qualities or character
One who goes on foot; ordinary, dull, unimaginative
A physical ailment; a cause of pain or trouble
A public entertainment marking a special event, a festive occasion
Unnaturally pale or sickly looking, lacking vitality
Appreciation, thankfulness
To govern or rule cruelly or unjustly
To pay careful attention to, notice