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Colorful arboreal climber with a throat fan
Ancient Iranian woodwind
Paris friend
"In the Big Game, Stanford was defeated __ ___."
Kitchen cutting utensil
Actor Hardwick
No question preceders
Baton Rouge school briefly
When the melon hit the sidewalk it went ____.
Former Chinese concession to UK's big party for musician Brian for short
Color changers
Online transgression against divine law?
Natural materials control consulting co. for short
Gimme a "brief moment mother" for short
Stout venemous Mojave dwellers
Congolese grazer with striped hindquarters in elaborate bumping ritual with Pooh friend.
Jesus imitating basilisk?
Ewe's credential claim in sheep talk?
Wild animal's lair
Cantonese speaker's pronunciation of Doubleday's given name?
Spiked amphibian?
Non-consensual embrace in Somaliland capital?
Sideshow participant's vanity license plate?
Adjectival suffix meaning somewhat like
A recording of moving visual images
Originally called
Descendant of peoples inhabiting the world's largest continent
Before before
Acronym for American agency controlling movement of people into the country
Blue-tongued crawler
One eponymous pear
Mythical sylvan maiden
City and National Forest in north central FL
A Superbowl LIII loser
Group with superior qualities
Empyrean recluse?
Enough of a challenge for any serpent capturer
_____ from the dead
Texter's abbreviation meaning not having a good time aboard the yacht whose initial is the 19th letter
Prefix with nautical
Heavens supporting alligator relative for short
Followers of Islam
See 35 down
1K show de la curiosity briefly
Play the guitar if English were a consonant only alphabet
Goku successor's clarified butter
Apple app spoof of Hitller's "Mein Kampf"?
If you're lucky tonight you might get ____.
Repeatedly calling one's lover by the wrong appellation
One who eschews Uber and Lyft
With 13 down: Big Galápagos ocean goer
Hawaiian dances
Small African antelope
Self-important tempermental female singers
Straight line segments from a circle's center to its circumference
A vast expanse of sea
Patriot tight end's nickname
Malaysian cave shrine