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Grade 6, lesson 16

Teacher: Grade 6
He told Isaiah that He would save a remnant of the people
This king removed foreign idols from the Temple
God told this prophet that Babylon was an instrument for purifying Judah of its sins.
They mistreated the people of Judah, and they forced them to worship their false gods.
The Babylonian king captured this city and forced Judah's new king and others to go to Babylon
This king began a reform of religious practices in Judah after finding a copy of the Law
New David
This prophet preached that goodness lies in the practice of social justice and faithfulness in God
This king did not listen to Isaiah's warning to act justly on behalf of God's people
God's call to serve Him in a special way
This king permitted the worship of false gods.
A thought, word, or act that refers to God without respect
Prophet who reminded the people of Judah of God's love for them
During the third invasion of Judah by Babylon they destroyed this.