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Life Science- Vertebrates

Name ______________   Date__________
Means double life
Kangaroos are in this category
Fastest animal on earth
They produce milk in mammals
Golden poison frog is the most ______ animal
Found inside the animal's body
Bird egg shell is made from this
Largest fish on earth
Jawless fish
Reptile with a U-shaped head
Baby chicks take 21 _________ to hatch
Majority of mammals are in this sub-class
Group of fish
Kangaroos live here
Example of marsupial
Largest snake on earth
Hawaii is the home of this animal
Characteristic of a bird
Waterproof and embryo develops here
Tigers, wolves and polar bears are found in this order
Regulates buoyancy
Means bony fish
They ingest food
They lay eggs
One trait of a vertebrate
Species name for humans
There are 30,000 in this class
Found in order Rodentia
They are the only flying mammal