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Cell Parts Crossword

Fill in each term or answer for each clue. You can use pages 60-67 in your book to help you if you need it.
The Nuclear ___ protects the nucleus and allows only some materials to go in and out.
Jelly-like substance that flows through the cell.
Cell's control center.
Capture the sun's energy and convert it into glucose.
The ER where the ribosomes are attached...
Structures inside the nucleus that are the genetic blueprint for the cell.
Package proteins and distributes them throughout the cell.
Make proteins
The nucleolus and the chromosomes are ___ the nucleus.
The ER where the ribosomes are NOT attached...
In a plant there is usually one large vacuole that holds ___.
The cell ___ is found in both plants and animals. It controls what comes into and goes out of the cell
___ Reticulum are the passageways that materials move though the cell in.
Contain chemicals that break down materials for the cell.
Ribosomes are made here.
Photosynthesis uses ___ CO2 and Water to make glucose.
Powerhouse of the cell
The mitochondria break down molecules for ___.
Inside mitochondria is where glucose is broken down for energy.
The storage area of the cell.
Found only in plant cells. Protects them and gives them structure.
Ribosomes make these...