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Math Vocabulary Challenge (2)

A single letter that represents a quantity that may change.
The answer obtained by subtracting.
The vertical axis on a coordinate plane.
Mathematical phrase containing no variables and no equal symbol.
A fraction that equals less than one.
A whole number divisible by more numbers than just 1 and itself.
The answer obtained by adding.
Less than zero (to the left of zero on a number line)
Capable of being divided without leaving a remainder.
Mathematical phrase containing variables and an equal symbol.
The horizontal axis on a coordinate plane.
A fraction that equals more than one.
A number consisting of an integer and a proper fraction.
Any of the 4 areas created by intersecting axis lines on a plane.
The exchange (flip) of the numerator and denominator in a fraction.
The answer obtained by dividing.
The answer obtained by multiplying.
A whole number divisible by only 1 and itself.