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The Constitution

The power of the central government is divided into 3 branches to prevent tyranny.
50% plus 1
One of 9 that serve on the Supreme Court.
All people, even the leaders, must follow the law.
Branch of government that enforces the laws.
Some powers are split between state governments and the national government while other powers are shared between the two.
The first plan of government for the United States.
When the president or governor says "no" to a proposed law.
Read over 200 books about government. Sometimes called the "father of the Constitution".
The Constitution can be changed to fit the needs of citizens as time goes on.
One of the "checks" held by the Judicial Branch over the other two branches is that the Supreme Court can declare laws "_"
The solution to the argument about how representation would be counted for large and small states.
The branch of government that makes the laws.
The government is controlled by the people because the people choose their own leaders.
The head of the Judicial Branch.
Checks and balances is the system used to make sure that no branch of the central government has too much ---.
The head of the executive branch.
the national government is not all powerful. There are limits to what it can and cannot do.
A change to the Constitution. There have been 27 in the last 200 years.
Branch of government that interprets the laws.
The Articles of Confederation were ultimately replaced because they were too "__" to be effective.