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The World of Life Science

______ are molecules that cannot mix with water. They are a form of stored energy. (30)
A _____ is the smallest unit that can carry out all the activities of life. (23)
Passing traits from parent to offspring is called _______. (25)
Cell membranes surround and protect cells. They are made of special lipids called _______. (30)
The world around us is full of an amazing _______ of life. (1)
________ are made of two or more atoms joined together. (29)
The _____ _______ separates the cell from the outside environment. (23)
In ______ _______, one parent makes offspring. (24)
_____ carries instructions for the organism’s traits. (25)
_______ carbohydrates are made of hundreds of sugar molecules linked together. (31)
The act of keeping a constant environment inside an organism is called ________. (24)
____ ______ can study many different features of organisms. (3)
Your body is made mostly of _____. (27)
_______ eat other organisms to get food. (28)
Many environmental problems are caused by people ______ natural resources. (2)
______ are large molecules made up of smaller molecules called amino acids. (29)
_______ make their own food using energy from their environment. (28)
For example, _____ is a disease that affects the brain and nerves. (2)
Generally, in _____ ________, two parents make offspring. (24)
An organism’s _______ is all of the chemical reactions that take place in its body. (25)
...plants, and some bacteria and protists, use the sun’s energy to make food from carbon dioxide and water. This process is called __________. (28)
A change that affects how an organism acts is called a _______ (plural, stimuli). (23)
The cells use adenosine triphosphate, or ATP. _____ is a molecule that carries energy in cells. (31)
________ break down dead organisms and animal wastes to get food. (28)
_________ are molecules made of sugars. (31)
Nucleic acids are molecules made of smaller molecules called _________. (30)
A life scientist is anyone who studies ______, or living things. (3)
____ ______ is the study of living things. (1)
______ carbohydrates are made of one or a few sugar molecules. (31)
Proteins called _______ help to start or speed up reactions inside a cell. (29)
Organisms get water from the fluids they drink and the _____ they eat. (27)