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Spelling Grade 3 Lesson 25

Teacher: Gretchen Bagwell
Dripping water that is frozen in the shape of a cone.
Areas made up of large numbers of people and businesses, larger than towns.
To make equal in weight or number.
Points in a game or on a test; touchdown.
Bright; full of color.
Items of cloth to be worn.
An order of events that repeat themselves.
An object used for writing.
Now; current; up-to-date
A device used for weighing.
To go down; to lower.
A round, geometric shape; ring.
To rise or move upward.
Information about what to do that is given to one person from another person.
A vehicle with attached wings used to transport people, luggage, mail, and other things from one place to another through the air.
Work done to help others.
To observe; to take note of.
To shut. To be nearby.
The place where passengers travel in an airplane. A small structure for dwelling.
To put or set. A particular location.