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Science Game Day

Fossil that provides evidence of ancient organisms; indirect signs of ancient life
A scientist who studies fossils
Smallest particle of an element
Law used to determine the relative age of rocks in sedimentary rock layers
First of three eras after the Precambrian time when the oceans formed and simple animals and plants first appeared
Organism that no longer exists
Last of the three eras after the Precambrian
A solid copy of the shape of an organism
Age of a rock compared to the age of other rocks
Fossil formed when a thin layer of carbon forms over rock and preserves an organism
Exact number of years since the rock was formed
Preserved remains or traces of living things
Fossil in which minerals replace part or all of a living organism
A fossil that is widely distributed and represent a type of organism that existed only briefly
The rate of decay of a radioactive element
Matter that is composed of all the same atoms
Magma that cools and hardens into a mass of igneous rock
Second era after the Precambrian
Lava that hardens on the surface of the Earth
A hollow area in sediment in the shape of an organism or a part of the organism
A break in the Earth's crust